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ENTRE- garlic bread (packet) $3.80

MAIN- spaghetti bolognese with cheese LOTS, pasta$2.90 sauce$1.80 cheese$4.10 mince$6.70.

DESSERT- frog in the pond 2 chocolates and ice cream with sprinkles
jelly$2.50 2 chocolates$1.20 ice cream$5.20

all together= $31.40 my change would be = $68.60

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surfing 2012 picture trail


THis is my picture trail from 2012 surfing hope you enjoy!!!

Visit My Photos – 12 Pics
My Album

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Home work- 103 word challenge 


My Friends…

I have lots and lots of friends but there are
4 that I have known for a very long time.
They can sometimes be really annoying but at the
end of the day I love them all lot’s.  Friends can be crazy and silly however you keep going back for more fun.  My friends are
always there for me and keep me smiling. My friends look after me, they trust me
and care for me so that’s all I need.
My friends and I will always know that nothing can come between us because no matter what happens we have each other.



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Our Charity For Mission Day


For Mission day my group is Laura, Lily, Jemima and my self we have chosen to support the Childhood Cancer Association for the reasons of, why should a child so young that hasnt begun there journey of life have to live with a scary, sad and miserable disease. We think that it’s unfair for all those poor kids out there who are living there life knowing what they have is bad. Let alone there family’s it is hard for them too it goes all the way back just from someone so little you have this thing that just takes over in a flash. How sad is that. So thats why we chose to support this charity.


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All About Blue


Winding River By The Coast

photo credit: A Guy Taking Pictures via photopin cc

Blue is the beach water, beach ball and umbrella
Blue is water, flowers and butterfly
Blue is a cold slushie, icing and blueberry’s
Blue is cold but calm and peacfull
Blue is my faveourite colour because it’s lite and peaceful.

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Mission Day Invitation


You are invited to the 2012 mission day run by 5/6’s please feel the need to come and have a look here are the details…

where: It will be held at St Therese  Primary School Torquay

When: Wednesday the 21st of November

Time: Between 12 :00 pm and 1:30 pm

Need: You will need to bring some money probably in between 5-10 dollars

please come

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The Apple Of Doom


Five Card Story: The Apple of Doom

a Five Card Flickr story created by Ella .H.

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by katerha

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by cogdogblog

It all started with the light switch Flick early in the morning Emma and Charlie woke up an decided that they where hungry so they climed up to the fruit bowl and got one of the juicest apples. Cruch went Charlie and Emma then suddenly boom they went flying out the door and ran all the way to the middle of a big paddock in the middle of nowhere. They soon found a hitchhiker he was trying to get some money so the hitchhiker said “would you like a brand new I phone 5?” “sure” they said gave him $500 and ran all the way back home.

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Senses Poem


see  the trees blowing,boats speeding past and my family beside the fire.

hear the boats engins rummble, my family laughing and Brian barking.

I taste the sossages in bread,muddy water and fizzy lemonade.

I smell smoke of the fire around me.

feel happy that I am with my family having lots of fun.

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BTN- Plastic Oceans


This news report PLASTIC OCEANS is about plastic that ends up on the beaches these people were experimenting at – so what was happening was they got a group of school kids and they tried to figure out where the rubbish is coming from and then where it is going.
2. My point of view on this issue is that I think that people do need to use green bags and they should be careful about what they are doing with their rubbish.
3. It made me wonder who would do this type of cruelty to the world. It is a place where millions of people are living and it’s not just yourself , others have to live on the planet too.
4. My main question would have to be once again who would do this to the world, why does it happen in so many places and why doesn’t someone invent or do something about all of our rappers and packaging.
5. This news report made me feel ashamed of who would do this and I also felt a bit angry.
6. When I go walking down the street and I see heaps of people that throw all sorts of stuff on the ground but there is a bin right next to them.

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Donor Dog’s


This news report was about dogs that have to donate blood to other dogs and the procedure that they do it in.
From my point of view of this story I would say that it is not a bad thing to do and they should stop it it’s just that sometimes it is a bit cruel but for the dogs that need it, it is a big help.
This clip made me wonder about how many dogs actually have to give up there blood?
1. How many dogs have to get this done each year?
2. Does it hurt to give up your blood?

The report made me feel a bit sad for them to have to do things like that.

This like when my dad had to go to get his knee fixed because it wasn’t that bad but it was still hard for him.

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