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In maths lately we have been learning about decimals. We have learnt how to swap a decimal to a fraction that still equals the same. We have been putting our work onto a number line. One day we were doing maths to do with long jump first Mr Hindson made sure that we understood everything and then we watched a youtube clip of Mitchell Watt Then we got in a group of 4 and made our long jump with sticky tape and we had to find the maths in it. Later on we made a bar graph for our friends record then a champion record. I think that I can improve on making more of an effort and also my numbers. I could take my learning further by pushing myself harder to concentrate and try to think for longer about a question.

Week 10 Reflection…
Latley I have learnt much easier ways to multiplie things and having fun at the same time. I think I could take my learning further by challenging my self to another levil. The things that I think I do well are maybe working in pairs and listening. I do think that I can do better on checking over that I have done things correctly.

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  1. August 14th, 2012 at 1:05 am      Reply lmahon Says:

    Hi Ella,
    It sounds really interesting what you have been doing in Maths!
    Miss Mahon

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