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Hi and welcome back I am here to tell you a bit about what I have been learning about in literacy. We get handed a Rubric which has a tally of things that we have to complete over a period of time. During that time the teachers are also running workshops these workshops are based on Blogging, Reading, Spelling and righting. These workshops are fun and I like having to complete the rubrics. I could take my learning further by putting more effort into the work that I complete. I have learnt much more about putting your righting into the correct forms and how to put pictures up on a blog and many more interesting things that I would have never known before. I could improve on talking much louder to the awdiance. The parts that I did well were probably acting out the role that i had to play and I conected well with the audiance.

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  1. August 14th, 2012 at 1:04 am      Reply lmahon Says:

    Hi Ella,
    You are certainly working hard to complete your rubric and making good learning choices. Also try to edit and re-read your work to ensure it makes sense. Keep up the great work!
    Miss Mahon

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