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student blogging challange


1. Samantha jade : what was it like having the presure at the grand finale of the x factor?
2. Taylor Swift: How does it feel to be a massive role moddel to the world?
3. Sally Pearson: The years of training that you did do you think that they paid of?why?
4. Little mix: is it hard to have to share your fame with others and what does it make you feel?
5. Michael jackson: What did your famly think of you being shuch a famouse pop star?
6. Usain bolt: do you ever get tired of training all the time?
7. Captain cook: why did you want to go to australia?
8. Ga ga: why were you in the brothers and was it hard?
9. Kate middleton: how does it feel to be such a paparatzy and why?
10. Humphry b Bear: is it really hard not to talk during a whole show?
student blog challange

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