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Big Idea

Mind,Body and Soul

For the past 2 terms of school this year we have learned about the Mind, Body and Soul it has been really interesting I loved making tzadziki it was really challenging but so much fun and I loved bizarre body were we got to make a human body from the inside I never Knew how many parts there were inside of us. Then there was drawing in our Asian garden we chose something that stood out and then drew it and I love drawing so I liked this activity a lot.

For the rest of the term I am going to be using my intrest of Fashion design to link in with our topic of Mind, Body and Soul and complete 2 tasks that I have negotiated with the 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated task 1:with my intrest of fashion designing one of my tasks will create my own magazine that has all of 2012 style inside and also with a bit of a twist my very own created magazine will have all of the backround fashion that you can find inclouding the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I am looking foward to showing it.

Negotiated task 2:My second task will be an amazing portfolio with all of the top designs from the last few decades and perhaps an example of the matirals that were used back in the day you will find that the mitirials, patterns and styles are very different.

To get this task completed and presented nicely and before publishing i will need to…
• Get all the information that i can get.
• Look up on goggle images all the awesome fashions for the past decades.
• Focus and now what I am doing to complete this the way Iwant.


So far what I have been doing on my amazing big idea tasks
is I have made and finished my Top Town history of fashion magazine. I have
also completed my fashion video with the decades of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and
2012. In this magical ride of fashion I have staring Kate Mc Namara, Dana Ward
and myself named Ella Howard also as well I have the magnificent host called
Elinor Thorpe. I got all of my information from Wikipedia which if you don’t already
know it is a very useful website with everything you may need. With all of my
information I just got to work and … OMG witch that means I have finished isn’t
that exciting!!! You know I have been wondering what would happen if we had no
people in the fashion industry? Or what would happen if we started to get way
too expensive and no one had enough money or what if the industry workers were
not getting enough pay so then we would have to maybe not have enough clothes
or they may not be a good enough material? This would be terrible because you
may not know this but I love fashion and when I grow up I really want to become
a fashion designer. You know just recently Kyle boldy got married to Michal
Clarke a famous Aussie cricket player and her dress cost 29,000 and it took 4
months to make and 140 hours for the intricate




I have now finished y task of fashion through the decades and the most of what I am proud of is my magazine that took me hours. Although I don’t think that I showed enough of my effort with that I did most of it at home. I believe that the two tasks I chose to complete were pretty hard to do. As they were 1-A video of a decade fashion parade 2-A fashion magazine of my own. I would say that YES I could have done better and now I now.

What was the most challenging part was getting it done as I did get distracted. Next time I now to put in more effort. What I found the best part throughout this was getting to show people what I have learnt and why I am interested in it.

Now I know that I need to improve on the time of completing the tasks and my effort. Because I found that I did not get much work don at school and I just worked at home. I can now do better from the mistakes that I made and hopefully believe in my work a bit more than today.

From the results of my teacher comment I was surprised with the high level I got because I actually rated my own work a 4/10 and for my self assessment I went pretty low but when I got my teacher assessment I went pretty well.

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