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Big Idea Term 3

Well this term we have a new topic to complete our projects on this time our topic is THE OLYMPICS and I think that we will find out a lot of new ideas along the way.

Olympic history- We watched a video of the old way they used to play the games and It was very intresting because they did it so differently but then there is some ways that they can link in to know.

British and Europian History- This activity was very fun because we got to watch some horrible history clips and we learnt heaps as well as having fun.

Australian History-We found a website and then on it, it had timelines and things about the Australian history then we could pic out one amazing history story and found out some info.

Economics-We looked at a prezi that the teachers had made and it had some intresting money facts then we decided to do a debait on weather we should or shouldn’t have the Olympics.

Geography- In this workshop we looked at maps of where the Olympics have been held and then did some research about a country.

These are my three tasks …
HISTORY… For history my task was to complete a poster that was designed and made on the computer with five sports and there history.
GEOGRAPHY…In geography I made a big 3-d chatterbox with four country’s landmarks and a little info and picture.
ECONOMICS…For Economics I made a book with a trip to London and how much it would cost.

To get these complete I need to concentrate and work hard.

Overall with my work I think that I did a very good job and made my tasks look great and I think that I did way better than last time and I found out a lot of information for my tasks I took my time and made sure that I checked over my work a lot . So I would probly rate myself 9 and a half out of ten because I liked what I have done this term.

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