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Spring is magical because the birds sing a lullaby it’s peaceful and warm and joy is filled in our hearts spring is like a rainbow volcano it is colourful but most of all spring is magical.

10 Jobs For Me!!!


1) Teacher 2) Fashion designer 3) interior designer 4) ballet teacher 5) physio 6) photographer 7) magazine director 8) jurnalist 9) personal trainer 10) kinder teacher

The Mysteriouse Woods!!!


I am walking through the Mysteriouse woods. I never thought I would be here but since I have just been chased here there is no way out. I’m stranded and have absolutely no clue what I am doing and it’s getting darker. As the green shady leaves changed to a dull and pale brown that […]



I most defiantly agree that there is no reason to bully other people. I strongly believe that people most certainly should not bully. It is not acceptable to treat others in a bad way. It makes it much easier to stop bullying when you know how it feels. Bullying is something that is not needed, […]

10 People I Would Like To Meet!!!


1) Joel Madden, because his has such a funny sense of humour. 2) Lennon and Maisy, because they are such beautiful girls and I love the way they sing. 3) Florece and the Machine, because her voice is so unique and I love it. 4) Prinnie Steavens, because she is soooo beautiful and amazing. 5) […]



At school lately I think that I have been working very hard although I can still work harder. This year my aim has been to put way more effort into my work to be at year 6 standard or even better! My hand writing has defiantly put a part in that and I will keep […]



Why you should read my blog? I think that it is good fun to see what other people are up to. I love to write story’s and we always post things about what we are up to during school. If you want to ask me anything or want me to add something on my blog […]

Jeannie Baker


Jeanie Baker is an artist, author and film maker. She was born on November 2nd 1950. Jeanie Baker likes to use collage in her books she uses a large variety of materials to make her art interesting. she likes to use collage because there are so many textures to use and feel. She started of […]

100 word challenge-… the car stopped suddenly…


I quickly jumped off the bus joyfully and started walking towards my house. Its 1 block and a corner away from the bus stop but mum normally picks me up but today both my parents are working so I’m walking all the way home. I’m actually glad I’m walking home on this kind of day […]

student blogging challange


1. Samantha jade : what was it like having the presure at the grand finale of the x factor? 2. Taylor Swift: How does it feel to be a massive role moddel to the world? 3. Sally Pearson: The years of training that you did do you think that they paid of?why? 4. Little mix: […]

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