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My Reflection 1


This week at home I have been doing a lot of drawing and of course home work and I also love listening to music on my iPod. I really do just enjoy sitting and listening to music. Most importantly though I have started reading a new book called the Hunger Games, it is the most […]

My Weekly Reflection 2


So this week in literacy I have been working on my narrative, story graph and ricipical reading for our assessment I think that I used my time very well because I almost got everything done and not many people did. To be honest though my story wasn’t that great, normally I really enjoy writing story’s […]



For my religion project  I went with jemima and lily we focused on Judaism. Judaism was very interesting because we often see Jewish followers around sometimes but over the past few weeks we have had the chance to find out what their culture believs in and that was really fun. I personally think that our […]

Our World


Multiplying decimals


Adding two digit multiplication




CULTURE Vietnam has a lot of special temples that you can go and pray in. Vietnam is very cultrul in the way of music and gatherings. Vietnam is also filled with lots of bright colours and music. Vietnam is filled with market stalls and busy streets. Vietnam is not only a tourists destination  but a […]



Hi guys remember me yeah sorry I havnt been on here for ages so thats what i’m going to tell you about today. So a few weeks ago my mum went to Thailand so my grandma looked after me and my sisters and brother. Each day when we came home my grandpa would have a […]



So we have to write a bit about someone who we think shows the fruits and gifts. I have chosen my mum because I think that she is amazing she is always so KIND and she is so GENEROUS my mum is CARING and LOVING I love my mum for who she is and I believe that she shows all of […]

Eco Footprint!!!


When I filled in my footprint I realised that because my family is much larger than a lot of other family’s I noticed that we had a bit more rubbish. I found out that it would take 3.3 earths to keep us living the way I do. I realised that on the pie chart food […]

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