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Vietnam has a lot of special temples that you can go and pray in. Vietnam is very cultrul in the way of music and gatherings. Vietnam is also filled with lots of bright colours and music. Vietnam is filled with market stalls and busy streets. Vietnam is not only a tourists destination  but a beautiful place to live. The population of Vietnam in 2011 was marked at 87.84 million.


In Vietnam they eat mainly eat of platters. Vietnamese people are actually very healthy because of the food that they eat it is always very green and light types of food.


Most people would either live in a brick or mud house, or maybe even a palm held shack. But others they might be able to afford to live in an old city terrace.


Schools in Vietnam are getting much better in the way of education and even structure. Not every family can afford for putting there’re child through schooling but they defiantly do try.


Religion is a large part that plays at Vietnam there are different religions like…   Buddhism, or christianity, roman Catholicism and so many more.





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