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Hi guys remember me yeah sorry I havnt been on here for ages so thats what i’m going to tell you about today. So a few weeks ago my mum went to Thailand so my grandma looked after me and my sisters and brother. Each day when we came home my grandpa would have a treat for us after school, one day we had a cake and another day we had iced donuts they were sooooo yummy! My mum came home on the Friday and we were all very excited we each got a bag of presents I got a t-shirt and lollies. The next week was back to normal On tuesdays I play netball for the pink pythons and then later on I have dancing. On monday Me and my friend Laura had a great night first I went to her house to do some homework then we watched her brother play basketball and finally we all went out for dinner to the pub. We won so many lollies from the vending machine it was crazy and then the annoying boys came and stole most of them arrrrr! On thursday mum has a party for little kids dancing so I might be dressing up as a baby fairy princess HEHEHE. I can’t wait for the holidays I’m going to the snow yippee .

So there you have it folks thats me catch ya next time!!!

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