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The Mysteriouse Woods!!!


I am walking through the Mysteriouse woods. I never thought I would be here but since I have just been chased here there is no way out. I’m stranded and have absolutely no clue what I am doing and it’s getting darker. As the green shady leaves changed to a dull and pale brown that closes the shining sun away. Right now I have the choice of turning left or going back. So I made the courageous decision to turn left. My brain is spinning with regrets and flash backs I am getting dizzy so I stop and sit down on a log. After 10 minutes I am feeling a bit better if only I had water. I stood up walked toward the next unexpected bend. It was getting windy and cold I was shivering with extraordinary goose bumps. When I turn the bend I fell and there was a sudden pull, the next thing I new I was whirling and twirling like a feristweel in the sky. Then a thud with a clutch of disastress pain.

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