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10 People I Would Like To Meet!!!


1) Joel Madden, because his has such a funny sense of humour.

2) Lennon and Maisy, because they are such beautiful girls and I love the way they sing.

3) Florece and the Machine, because her voice is so unique and I love it.

4) Prinnie Steavens, because she is soooo beautiful and amazing.

5) Adam Sandler, because he is the ,most hallarious actor ever.

6) Jim Carrey, because when he plays in dumb and dumber he is so funny.

7) Red Dog, Because he meant such a special dog to a lot of people.

8) PINK, because she is amazing with just who she is herself

9) Ellen Degeneres, because of the things that she does to help others around her.

10) I would love to meet Imogen Brough again because she is a STAR.

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