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At school lately I think that I have been working very hard although I can still work harder. This year my aim has been to put way more effort into my work to be at year 6 standard or even better! My hand writing has defiantly put a part in that and I will keep trying as best that I can. In maths I have been concentrating harder and making sure that I understand and practice at home too. Listening at school plays a big part of course and this year I am working extra hard to make good choices, although I can keep going further. So thats what I have been up to, and wish me luck for my resolutions!!! At school we have just recently done our own science project witch I really enjoyed. At home I have been doing Ballet and I got picked out of 6 girls to do my exam and I cant wait. I have been enjoying reading my book at the minute I am reading The Book Thief and it is extremely interesting to read. So my life lately has been very fun and i’m sure yours is too.    C ya

🙂 🙂 🙂

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